Source Seley

If you drive to the end of Borrego Valley Road, a long, razor-straight strip of macadam in the shadow of 4,000-ft. mountain ridges a few miles outside the California desert town of Borrego Springs, you will be in for a treat unlike any other. Along the way you pass towering Casuarina windbreaks, a massive palm nursery, and thousands of shiny new solar reflectors planted amongst the skeletal remains of a failed vineyard. Having dodged the occasional jack rabbit or tarantula in the median, you eventually arrive at Source Seley, a.k.a. Seley Ranches, a shady palapa and its sidekick, an ancient plywood fruit wagon with an honor safe parked in the sandy cul de sac at the entrance to the citrus ranch. The Seley family has been growing Seley Red grapefruit here, among other fruit, since 1957. Seley Reds, however are unique; thin-skinned, sweeter than anything you’ve ever tasted, and well worth driving 100 miles each way through rain and snow for a juicy haul to share with friends in quarantine.